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Sky Bryce Association Government

Sky Bryce Association is governed by its members through the election of a Board of Directors. The Board consists of seven members.

The Association is governed by the Amended Covenants and Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and the Rules and Information.

Business Manager Bonnie Henry at the office located at 7208 Supinlick Ridge Road, Basye, Virginia oversees the day-by-day administration of the Association. Office hours are 9-5 Monday through Thursday and 8-4 Friday. Other employees consist of Assistant Manager, and four patrol officers, and a road services crew of five.

Annual assessment fees provide road maintenance, snow removal, patrol service, trash removal, cost of newsletter and administrative costs for the Association and business office. As of July 1,  2017 an unimproved (lot) property assessment is $222 annually and an improved (house) lot assessment is $645 annually. Additional deposits or charges are required for lot improvements and other activities.

SBA Board Officers for Nov. 2017 to Nov. 2018:
President -
Malcolm Wilfong
Vice President - John Tauber
Secretary - Patricia Werner
Treasurer - Linda Nelson

Balloting and Election Procedures
See Rule 21 of Sky Bryce Association Rules and Information.

Treasurer's Report
The current treasurer's information is treated as member sensitive information, and is available as attachments to monthly Board of Director's Meeting Minutes. Please review this information at the Sky Bryce Association office on Supinlick Ridge Road.

Architectual and Environmental

Architectual Committee - Acts for Board of Directors to approve proposed building plans and to enforce Amended Protective Covenants and Restrictions.  Refers continued instances of non-compliance to Legal Committee for further action in accord with current Board policies and Virginia law

Environmental Committee - deals with environmental issues that affect Sky Bryce Subdivision and Bryce Mountain.

John Tauber, Chairman
John Lavelle
Lynne Nouvel

Budget and Personnel

Reviews annual budget requests and makes recommendations to Board of Directors.  Also reviews status of budget execution and recommends necessary changes to achieve priorities established by the Board of Directors.  Oversees personnel matters to include pay and leave, appeals process, job descriptions and employee evaluations.  Recommends policies to Board of Directors.

Linda Nelson, Chair
John Lavelle


Acts for the Board of Directors in the enforcement of the Sky Bryce Association Amended Protective Covenants and Restrictions, other Sky Bryce Rules & Policies and Virginia law.  The Committee recommends action to the Board on delinquent account policies and other matters requiring legal consideration that are referred to it by the Board.

Pat Werner, Chairman
Linda Nelson

Long Range, Public and Liaison

Long Range Committee - Identifies and describes a vision of the Sky Bryce Subdivision 5 years in the future.  Identifies issues/problems and makes recommendation to the Board on updates as necessary to the Long Range Plan of August 28, 2009, revised June 25, 2010.

Public and Liaison Committee - Collects, edits and prepares the Sky Bryce Beacon, as required.  Maintains liaison with Basye Community Council, Bryce Resort and other Bryce Mountain organizations on matters of joint interest.

Lynn Nouvel, Chair
John Lavelle
John Tauber


Responsible for operation of Patrol activities for association members and other organizations which reimburse for patrol services.

Gary McDermott, Chair
Malcolm Wilfong

Road Services

Responsible for road maintenance, snow removal and trash removal service for association members.

John Tauber, Chair
Gary McDermott

Stoney Creek Sanctuary District Liason

Represents Sky Bryce Association on committee established to advise the Stoney Creek Sanitary District, Shenandoah County Planning Commission and Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors.

Malcolm Wilfong, Chair
John Tauber