Sky Bryce Community News

Keep Roads Open or Pick Up House Trash: 
During inclement weather, the first priority for SBA road services crew is to keep the roads open; then pick up household trash.

SBA Road Services' Planned Work Schedule:  12/1/20 to 12/31/20

Week - Feb 1 to Feb 4
Monday Feb 1 Pick up household trash
Tuesday Feb 2 to Thursday Feb 4 Snow Removal, Equip Repairs

Week Feb 8 to Feb 11
Monday Feb 8 Pick up household trash
Tuesday Feb 9 to Thursday 11 Trimming trees

Week Feb 15 to Feb 18
Monday Feb 15 HOLIDAY

Tuesday Feb 16  Pick up household trash
Wednesday Feb 17 to Thursday Feb 18 Trimming trees

Week Feb 22 to Feb 25
Monday Feb 22 Pick up household trash
Tuesday Feb 23 to Thursday Feb 25 Trimming trees

Recycling Of Plastics

Effective March 4, 2020, the Shenandoah County landfill and citizens convenience sites will only accept Number 1 and 2 plastic bottles and jugs without plastic bottle caps for recycling. Plastic items with Numbers 3 through 7 will be disposed of in the landfill. The County will continue to accept cardboard, paper, glass, aluminum, and other scrap metals for recycling.

Information for Property Owners:  SBA has received inquiries from members regarding the operation of mopeds, cycles, scooters,  ATVS and other three-wheeled vehicles within the community.  Article 6.25 of the Amended Declaration of Protective Covenants and Restrictions of Sky Bryce Association, Inc. Approved December 17, 2001, provides that

"No junk vehicle or other vehicle on which current registration, inspection stickers and license plates are not displayed, nor any trailer, recreational vehicle (other than 4 x 4s) or other vehicle with more than two axles, mobile home, motor home/coach, camper, house trailer, boat or vehicles other than private passenger vehicles shall be kept upon roads or within twenty (20) feet of a road on a Lot. No truck, bus or other commercial vehicle shall be parked upon any portion of the roads or on the Lots within twenty (20) feet of a road. No vehicle which cannot operate on its own power shall remain visible or be stored on the roads or Lots for more than seventy-two (72) hours. Vehicles parked in fire lanes, blocking other vehicles on any portion of a road or parked so as to create a hazardous condition shall be subject to immediate towing.

Mopeds, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and other similar two or three-wheeled vehicles may only be driven by licensed drivers on the Owner's Lot, designated trails and Association maintained roads for purpose of ingress and egress to their Lot.  They shall not be driven through other Owners' Lots."

Water Conservation Request Lifted