Sky Bryce is a property owners' association located at Basye, Virginia, on the western edge of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, in Shenandoah County.

Sky Bryce is governed by Covenants and Bylaws. Here at Sky Bryce you will find your mountain retreat - whether it is a cozy weekend chalet or an elegant year round home - and have assurance that the atmosphere and ambiance will continue to be there. Adjacent to Sky Bryce is the four-season Bryce Resort. The association does not control and is not affiliated with Bryce Resort.


Annual assessment fees provide road maintenance, snow removal, patrol service, trash removal, cost of newsletter and administrative costs for the Association and business office. As of July 1, 2021 an unimproved (lot) property assessment is $253 annually and an improved (house) lot assessment is $735 annually. Additional deposits or charges are required for lot improvements and other activities. Assessment fees are due on 8/1/2021.

Household trash pickup is on Mondays. No loose trash will be picked up. All trash must be placed in plastic bags and tied. All bags must be placed in a trash can /container with a secure lid. Tied newspapers and tied cardboard boxes that have been broken down will also be picked up. See SBA Rule # 9 for additional details. Call the SBA office at 856-2550 if you have any questions. TRASH PICK UP RULES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED

Next Meeting: Due to COVID-19, the July 21, 2021 meeting of the SBA Board of Directors will be conducted by electronic communication starting at 9:00 AM.  Property owners and guests will not be able to attend in person.  However, they will be able to participate using Zoom video conferencing.  If addition, you are encouraged to submit written questions and comments prior to the meeting.  Your written materials can be mailed to PO Box 20, Basye, VA 22810 or dropped off at the Business Office (7208 Supinlick Ridge Road, Basye, Virginia), emailed to or faxed to 540-856-3060 prior to the meeting.

Policies: Property owners and guests will be allotted three minutes at the beginning of the monthly meeting to discuss/comment on items not on the agenda. They will also be allotted three minutes at the end of the meeting to discuss/comment on agenda items. Subjects not on the agenda may also be submitted for consideration for the next monthly meeting agenda. Agenda items may be mailed to or dropped off at the Business Office, emailed to or faxed to 540 856-3060 prior to the meeting. (Due to COVID-19, property owners and guests will not be able to attend meetings in person.  However, they will be able to participate using Zoom video conferencing.)

For more information on "Virtual Meetings" go to our attorneys' Chadwick  Washington, website at

2021 Annual Meeting Notice

2021 Annual Meeting Instructions

Sky Bryce
Business Office Hours

Mon – Thurs 9 AM – 5 PM
Fri 8 AM – 4 PM
Sat & Sun CLOSED

Closed for lunch from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

The Sky Bryce Association, Inc. (SBA) Board of Directors meets the fourth Friday of the month at the Association's meeting room located at 7200 Supinlick Ridge Road, Basye, Virginia. Call the Association's Business Office at 540-856-2550 for the time.

Future Dates for SBA Board of Directors' Meetings:

July 21, 2021

ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES - See SBA Rule 25 concerning Fire Pit Safety

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